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        About 10 years ago, in the year 2001, the concept of an English Medium Dhamma school was brought up by Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda and the members of Maithri Welfare Society. In September of the same year (2001), this concept was put into action with Prof. Galmangoda as the teacher and only 9 students. That was the start of Maithri Dharma School. Later it was registered under the Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA), Colombo.

     The academic curriculum that is carried out in Maithri Dharma School is the “Diploma in Theravada Buddhism” of YMBA. This is a course with six stages, which is conducted both locally and internationally. The subjects in the course are Dhamma, Abhidhamma and Pali.

The six stages are:

  1. Basic Stage
  2. Junior Part 1
  3. Junior Part 2
  4. Senior Part 1
  5. Senior Part 2
  6. Diploma Stage

     The students of age10 years and above are admitted to the above classes. The students who are between 5-10 years of age are accepted for the following classes;

  1. Preliminary Part 1 – B  : Age 4-6 years
  2. Preliminary Part 1 – A  : Age 7-8 years
  3. Preliminary Part 2        : Age 9-10 years


      The Detailed syllabuses of each of the above mentioned classes are available in our website. The syllabuses and the text books of the six stages are provided by the YMBA, Colombo. The syllabuses and the text books of the other three junior classes are provided by Maithri Dharma School.

     At the end of each academic year, an examination is conducted by the YMBA for the students of the six stages. The best overall English medium Dhamma Schools and the best performances in each stage are selected by the results of these examinations. Our Dhamma School was able to win the 2nd place in 2008, 1st place in 2009 and 3rd place in 2010. Some of our students were also selected for the best performing students’ category in the past years.

     Maithri Dhamma School was started with a small group of students, but today it caters to about 300 students. Today’s success of our Dhamma School is a combination of the efforts of the well wishers all around the world, principal Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda, Registrar Mrs. Malkanthi Galmangoda, staff, members of Maithri Welfare Society, parents and students. Some of the names that we cannot forget in this journey of success are as follows;

  • Ven. Cetana of China who introduced our Dhamma School to the delegates - Mr. Shen Yan (China), Mr. Simon Chon (Honk Kong, China) and Mr. Svan Schuernpeet (Germany) who gave a donation of $10,000 in year 2012.
  • Ven. Cetana of China also gave a immense help in constructing the new building (Ariya Hall) of Maithri Dhamma School.
  • Ven. Varapanno of Vietnam who also gave financial support to the upliftment of Maithri Dharma School.
  • Ven. Sik Wei Chung and the Thaiwan Delegates who gave their fullest corporation from the start of Maithri Dhamma School.
  • Dr. Dharmasiri, the proprietor of Dharmasiri Tyre House, Plonnaruwa who also donated money as well as sponsored for the prize giving ceremonies.
  • Mr. Kumara Semage, the proprietor Semage & Co. (pvt) ltd. who was a great helping hand from the beginning of Maithri Dhamma School.

     These donations are the reason why Maithri Dhamma School is a huge success today. Maithri Dhamma School will be able to do a greater good to the world in future with these immense contributions.

     The motto of Maithri Dhamma School is “Ukkadharo Manussanam Niccam Apacito Maya – I Shall Always Revere the Torch-Bearer of Mankind”. The students of our Dhamma School are given the Dhamma education in order to carry it to the next generations and guide the others towards light.

     We as a Dhamma institute believe that the Dhamma education is not just a matter of passing a few examinations. It’s about gaining some good to one’s life and the society and ultimately attaining the supreme happiness, Nibbana.

      This website is also a part of our mission of achieving our goals.

May the Triple Gem Bless You !!!


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