Principal's Note


  Every success in life depends on right knowledge. Knowledge is related to two aspects of the world.

  1. Conventional Knowledge

  2. Spiritual Knowledge

 The first is useful to lead a happy, mundane life. The second helps us to overcome the

  inherent nature of the world, that is the mass of suffering; birth, decay, death,  etc.

 The conventional knowledge, though helpful to lead a happy mundane life, finally becomes useless when faced with old age, decease and death. So the spiritual

knowledge and practice becomes an essential part of life in every human being.

The aim of our Dhamma School is to provide the students with knowledge and practice explained in the Buddha’s teachings, which is helpful not only to lead a happy mundane life, but also to end up the mass of suffering mainly related to birth, decay, decease and death.

I, as the principal of Maithri Dhamma School, am very happy with the opening of its website with the dedicated service of the deputy principal, registrar and the staff. I wish all the success for its future activities.


Arogyaparamalabha                       :               Physical Wellbeing

Santutthiparamamdhanam             :               Mental Wellbeing

Vissassaparamanathi                      :               Social Wellbeing

Nibbhanam Paramam Sukham       :               Nibbhana is the highest bliss (Spiritual Wellbeing)


This Dhammapada stanza summarizes the totality of success in human life.

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